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New Road Markings Products Hitting The Market

road markings

Road markings manufacturers continue to develop and introduce innovative new products that help make application easier as well as improve the durability and visibility of markings on the roads. These products include not just improved paints but also application machinery.

One example of application machinery that boosts productivity is the new ThermoLazer and LineLazer applicators by Graco. Graco is a specialist in line-painting equipment that is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The ThermoLazer 200TC is an affordable applicator that includes a gravity-feed bead tank as well as a 90kg thermoplastic hopper.

The LineLazer IV250DC has been upgraded to allow it to spray two colors simultaneously. This allows markings with two colors to be painted in one go without the necessity for a second pass.

The device is designed for use in airports, allowing two-color runway markings as well as for parking operators who can use two-color markings to highlight special parking spaces. The device is operated using a control panel that lets the operator program functions such as automatically applying paint to road markings with the desired thickness.

In addition, the device also has two tanks that hold glass beads for bead application as well as being able to provide its own power since it has its own Honda engine.

Snoline Road Safety Products is offering two temporary marking tape products. The Tempoline WR HP 14 is a flexible rubber tape reinforced with polyester that allows it to be easily removed. The upper surface features embedded glass beads that create high visibility in all climate conditions, even difficult ones like rain and at night.

The Tempoline is ideal for use in applications such as construction zones or traffic derivations where temporary markings need to be put up quickly and then removed afterwards when they are no longer needed. And since it contains no toxic materials, it can be used in environmentally-sensitive areas.

The Profiline T14 has the same features as the Tempoline but is designed to last longer. It is made of a special polymer that lasts for six to twelve month periods and is intended to be used in workzones.
STiM, which is based in Belarus, is offering the new 650HPE Kontur, a spray marking machine that integrates an advanced control system to improve productivity in applying road markings. The Kontur features laser-guided automatic controls that allow it to detect areas of the road where the markings have degraded so that new markings can be applied only where needed.

It can produce single solid lines with a width of 150 mm at a rate of 4.2 kilometers per hour and double lines with the same width at a productivity rate of 2.1 kilometers per hour. The maximum speed for roadmarking is 5.6 km per hour and the highest transport speed is 12 kilometers per hour.
The Kontur is mounted on a self-propelled chassis and has twin paint tanks, with 300 kg capacities, and a glass bead tank with capacity of 100 kg. It also has a compact size that allows it to be easily used in small towns and other compact urban locations.

Article courtesy of Ennis-Flint, the world leaders in traffic safety solutions.

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