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True Cost of Commuting - Calculator

Our federal government calcualtes the average cost of commuting at $0.56 / mile as of 2014.  That amount supposed to factor in all driving related cost such as gas and wear and tear on your car.  How does that compare to your actual cost of commuting?

If you are driving 20 miles each way to your work, that comes out to 20 mile x 2 (two way) x 21 (days) = 840 miles / month.  And 840 miles x $0.56 = $470.  That seems about in the ball park of actual direct costs of driving.  Let take a look a little deeper.

There are much more to the commuting cost than just cost of gas and car maintenance.  Some of the obvious ones include auto insurance, parking and tolls.  Also, there is a even bigger list of indirect cost like auto insurance, dry cleaning, lunch and etc.

First, use the commute cost calculator to see your direct commute cost on monthly and yearly basis.

Adding other items that applies to you from the list below will give you the ultimate commuting cost:
  • auto insurance
  • auto property tax
  • registration fee
  • inspection and emission cost
  • routine car maintenance - tires, brake service, oil change, scheduled maintenance
  • dry cleaning

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