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Use Your Campervan As An Everyday Vehicle

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Many people have always dreamed of owning a campervan, but practicalities such as the cost of running two vehicles and space can stand in the way. However, if you find the perfect campervan conversion you can kill two birds with one stone and use your campervan as an everyday vehicle.
By doing this you can enjoy all the benefits of owning a campervan along with none of the extra hassle of keeping two vehicles on the road.

Firstly the type of campervan that you choose will greatly affect how easy it is to use as an everyday vehicle and how practical it will be for you to commute to work and do the school runs. Generally, the newer the vehicle the more reliable it will be. But that doesn't mean to say that a well maintained older campervan conversion won't serve you for many years commuting.

To use a campervan as an everyday vehicle, as well as a leisure vehicle it is important to pay particular attention to how it is converted. You will want at least 5 legal seats to make it a good choice for an everyday vehicle, to keep in line with a normal car. Of course, if you have a larger family then you may want more.

Incorporating legal seats along with enough bed and living space in a campervan is not easy. You should look to having a U-shaped seat design at the back of the campervan that can also be used as dining and bedding, depending on how it is configured.

Storage is another crucial issue if you are looking to use a converted campervan as an everyday vehicle. It is most practical to leave certain equipment in the campervan, so nothing crucial is forgotten when you go for a weekend away.

Items such as spare tools, kitchen equipment, dried foods and some leisure equipment will become permanent fixtures in your campervan if you use it regularly for holidays. However, on your daily commute you do not want anything to be rattling around and causing a distraction. You don't want anyone else in the office car park to see you rummaging around amongst wetsuits and cycle helmets as you look for your laptop and suit jacket.

Choosing a campervan conversion with adequate and safe storage should be high on your list of priorities for a multi-purpose vehicle. However, along with the practicalities, you should also look for comfort. Anyone who has commuted for any length of time will be able to tell you how important comfort is. Good seats, air conditioning and a sound system will all help with your daily commute, as well as easing the boredom of long trips away.

Written by Izzy Crouch, for Cascade Conversions, experts in campervan conversions in South Wales.

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