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Who Stopped More Terrorist, Passengers or TSA?

If you have guessed "passengers", you are right on the dime according to the statement made by Rep. Paul of Texas.

I avoid air travel at all cost for many reasons.  There are more than a dozen reasons I can list as to why I think the quality of air travel has been dropping instead of improving.

Dr. Ron Paul thinks that TSA rules "seem designed to make air travel as unpleasant as possible."  Whether you agree to that or none, there is not question that the security measures created by TSA have placed extra burden on air travelers.
Photo by Gage Skidmore
Paul wrote in his most recent weekly column claiming that the Americans would be "much better off" if Congress transferred the few constitutional functions performed by the Department of Homeland Security to other sectors of the government, and then shut down the entire department.  That is a pretty bold recommendation, but one that I honestly agree.

As an example Paul mentioned recent incident when the agency forced a Campaign for Liberty staffer to discard a jar of Nutella that was stored in carry-on luggage. "I am sure all airline passengers feel safe knowing that TSA is protecting them from sandwich spreads," Paul said.

Another incident mentioned by Paul is that of a three-year-old wheelchair-bound child named Lucy Forck, who not only went through an intrusive TSA screening, but had one of her favorite stuffed animals taken away as well.

Ron Paul added, "The TSA may be ineffective at stopping terrorists, but it is very effective at harassing innocent Americans like Lucy Forck,"

Since the inception of TSA's program, the agency has not identified one single terrorist according to GSA.

That's not all. Guess what else TSA employees are good at besides harassing innocent travelers? About 507 TSA officers have been fired for stealing over $800,000 worth of goods from passengers since 2003.

Think about that for a moment.  That is a number of people who were caught stealing with hard evidence to be proven guilty.

One TSA statement admitted that "due to hardened cockpit doors and the willingness of passengers to challenge hijackers," it's unlikely that there are any terrorists even attempting to hijack planes, reported Techdirt.

Today, the TSA employs around 47,000 Transportation Security Officers (TSOs), often referred to as screeners or agents.  This is one bloated agency wasting lots of taxpayers' money.  The annual budget for TSA is over $7 billion.

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