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Why Cars Need Regular Oil Changes

The oil in your car is as essential as water in Salt Lake City, or the blood in your body. Without it, things will quickly start to die off.

Your car has a lot of moving and interconnected parts, nearly of which are metal. Naturally, metal moving against metal creates a lot of friction and wear and tear, so oil is essential to keep it lubricated. In extreme cases, prolonged movement of metal on metal will cause intense heat from the friction, and the affected parts will literally weld themselves together and render the entire engine inoperable. This is one of the reasons why cars need regular oil changes.

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Simply put, making sure your car’s oil is capable of doing its job is essential to the prolonged running of your vehicle. Should your oil get to such a point that it can no longer do its job properly, the result is a lot of expensive repair bills at your local auto repair shop. To get an idea of when your oil should be changed, consult your car owners’ manual and it will tell you how often to have this service done. Naturally, the less you drive, the less often you’ll need to do it. The inverse is also true, of course.

What Happens if I Don’t Change My Oil?

Your car may have plenty of oil, but sooner or later it will need changing. This is inevitable. There’s little you can do to prevent that.

After some time, oil will pick up various bits of dirt and muck from the engine as it goes through its daily runnings. Now, your filter should be able to deal with this collection of filth for a short while and keep the oil clear for a week or two. However it will eventually become clogged up with filth before too long has passed, and quickly become entirely non-functional. To prevent a pressure build-up, the dirty oil will start to slip past the filter through an emergency relief valve and get into the engine. This dirty oil will be abrasive, causing even more wear and tear on the engine’s moving parts than having no oil at all.

Further, it may start to build up in those moving parts and create a blockage, causing those parts to seize up and stop moving, or potentially even cause parts to collide within the engine.

In addition, if you add anything to the oil to help keep it running, such as detergents or anti-rusting chemicals, these will eventually start to wear out and become ineffective. Changing the oil is the only sure-fire way to make sure future injections of these substances will continue to work, whereas adding more on top of dirty oil can compound the problem.

Even without the matter of floating dirt within the oil, eventually the oil itself will start to break down with use. Its properties as a lubricant are not infinite. As the oil breaks down, your car will quickly begin to experience problems that are typical of vehicles that lack adequate lubrication for its engine. Ideally, you need to get an oil change before this happens so that your car never has to operate with its metal parts rubbing against each other.

Change Your Oil Regularly to Protect Your Vehicle

Your car needs to be well lubricated to run efficiently. To that end, regularly changing your oil is an essential part of your car’s general maintenance, just as much as replacing its tires and keeping it properly fueled. Forgetting or neglecting to do this risks irreparable damage to your vehicle’s systems and a more expensive repair job further down the road. As with all issues of maintenance, prevention is far more preferable to the cure.

That said, you are not destroying your car if you miss getting an oil change at the indicated mileage. Even going for as long as a month may not cause serious damage. That said, look up a reliable mechanic like those at Weatherspoon Automotive Inc and schedule an appointment as soon as you remember, as it's always better to be safe than sorry.
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