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GM Equips 2016 Malibu with High-tech Parental Controls

It seems GM has been putting  a lot of thoughts when designed the parental control for its upcoming 2016 Chevy Malibu.

The new safety features is called ‘Teen Driver’ mode which automatically turns on restrictions such as maximum speed and records events such as near misses.

Parents can select a maximum speed, between 40 to 75 mph, (64 to 121 km/h) which, if exceeded, activates a visual warning and audible chime.

The new Chevy Malibu will be the first General Motors vehicle with an optional system made specifically for teen drivers. The model arrives late this year.

"It allows parents to first set parameters in the car and then monitor to see how their kids obey and behave," said Shad Balch, a spokesman for Chevrolet.

So what else can be set by the parents to ensure their teens are driving in a safe setting?  To start off, the radio won't play until all seatbelts are buckled, the volume is limited and top speeds are capped.
Additionally, safety features such as Forward Collision Alert are automatically turned on.

The Teen Driver feature is activated by creating a Pin in the settings menu of the car’s MyLink system, which allows parents to register their teenager’s key fob.

This means that when their teen gets behind the wheel, the system is turned on automatically, and cannot be disabled by the teen driver.

When the teen driver returns home from a driving trip, parents can see a report card with information such as number of times safety systems are activated and maximum speed reached.

"The parent gets to see exactly how their teen drove and see if they broke any rules," Balch said.

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