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China's Entry into Supercar Production

China's auto industry is booming or exploding to be more precise.  CH-Auto based in China wants to take the footsteps of Tesla with an introduction of all-electric supercar called Qiantu K50 Event!.

At a first glace, it resembles Audi R8's side profile.  That's not a bad start in my opinion.  It's not that easy to create a design that's totally original when pretty much any design concept has been tried by countless automakers.

Power comes from an electric motor producing 408 horsepower, and 0-62 mph is estimated in just 5.0 seconds. Not to bad but hardly in the supercar category with that performance number alone. Power goes straight to the rear wheels, and the car can travel up to 124 miles on a charge.

It is estimated at $113,000 when it goes on production.  CH-Auto won't probably sell many of this model, considering its price, performance and brand recognition.  The company made a commitment for production of Qiantu K50 Event! so yes, this is not just a prototype vehicle.

Nonetheless, it's a good start, and I hope to see more great car design coming out of China providing car buyers with more choices.

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