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JLTV is the Replacement for U.S. Military's New Tactical Vehicle

JLTV stands for Joint Light Tactical Vehicles, and it will be replacing the big old Humvee that have been serving U.S. forces for many years.

The contract has been awarded to Oshkosh, and it is known to be one of the most important military contract in recent years.

“The JLTV production contract is a historic win for Oshkosh Corporation and more than 300 suppliers in 31 states across the country, and most importantly, for America’s warfighters,” says Charles Szews, Oshkosh CEO.

In the final phase of the contract award process, Lockheed Martin, AM General and Oshkosh Defense created 22 prototypes to be rigorously tested. After over a year of intense testing, prodding, speeding, skidding, sliding and exploding, Oshkosh has been selected as the winner of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) contract.

Oshkosh beat back impressive efforts by Lockheed Martin and AM General to win today’s $6.75 billion contract. We’ll find out in the next 10 days if either or both of them file a protest. Many observers expect just that and the program officials at this evening’s briefing were unwilling to say virtually anything about why Oshkosh won or the strengths or weaknesses of any of the three competitors.

Sen. Tom Cotton, in whose state the Lockheed version would have been built, appeared to open the door to political pressure to change the results when he issued a statement this evening that included the pledge that “as Lockheed Martin explores their next steps, we stand ready to assist them however we can.” Since the fixed price low rate initial production contract with eight options has been awarded, about the only next step would be a protest.

The production estimate number stands at 5,500 vehicles for the USMC and the 49,100 for the Army.  There will be many more units to follow, with production likely extending many decades.

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