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Fastest Crossover on the Planet Go Head to Head

Some may call them SUVs but the exterior design of these cars make it so difficult to place them in one particular category.  Both 2015 BMW X6 M and 2016 Mercedes GLE63 look like hatchbacks on steroid.

Regardless of their unique external styling, they both have one thing in common - they are the ultimate driving machine that can outperform most sports and sporty cars you see on the road by a large margin.

Check out the video from Motor Trend Youtube channel:

It’s tempting to view the BMW X6 M through the same lens that you would view the Cadillac Escalade EXT — you know, the pickup truck — a one-off anomaly that history will look back on and shrug. Hubris for the sake of hubris, etc. But that sure ain’t how Mercedes views the stylized attack wagon from BMW. No, Mercedes went on ahead and recorded a note-for-note cover version of BMW’s wacky song.

Why? Follow the money, as BMW sure made a wheelbarrow full of it with the last generation X6M. This one is all new, as is the GLE63 Coupe S. But which hunchback of the Nürburgring is best? On this episode of Head 2 Head presented by Tire Rack, host Jonny Lieberman finds out!

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