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An Eco Friendly Commute

A study by the University of Toronto, found that of all of the cars on the road, the ones who fell into the bottom 25% for least eco-friendly cars on the road, account for 90% of the pollution in our air. The UCSUSA has found in their research that around 150 million people live, work, and go about their day-to-day life in areas that do not meet federal standards for air quality. I don’t give you these numbers to scare you, but to point out the amazing impact commuters can have on the world! Driving a fuel efficient car will, both, save you money on gas and also help to keep the world a cleaner place for us all to live in.

an eco friendly car

Now you might be telling yourself, that sounds great and I would love to live a cleaner, greener life, but what cars would be a good choice for someone who has a commute every day?

Well this is your lucky day! I have done the research and found three cars that will offer you fuel efficiency, peace of mind that you’re not destroying the world around you, and start at price points that won’t leave you broke. I will also discuss a few ways you can track and see how your current car is impacting both, your wallet and the world around you, so you can make an informed choice and get the car that best suits you for your daily drive to work.

1. Chevrolet Impala Bi-Fuel

This nice little sedan runs on organic wastes, now that doesn’t mean run out and jam your apple skins and leftovers into the gas tank. It runs on a duel fuel system of organic waste and normal gasoline. With only 7.8 gallons of compressed natural gas, you can drive about 150 city miles before you will need to start using the regular gas in your tank. Wondering how this will save you money on your daily commute? Compared to gasoline, compressed natural gas is more than $1.00 per gallon cheaper. The biogas will also cut the Impala’s emissions by about 20%. Pricing for this Impala starts at $38,210.

2. Honda Fit

Leather seats, a touch screen and a sleek aerodynamic design, all for the low price point of $15,650. The Fit is a subcompact hatchback with foldable seats and a nice size interior that make it a good choice if you need to fit more things into your eco-friendly car. The Fit comes with Honda’s Eco Assist, a color coded display, that lets you see how you’re doing on fuel efficiency and helps you to use the car to its peak performance.  Another great feature is the ECON button that controls AC, cruise control, engine and transmission for optimized fuel conservation. If you pick up the base model, you’re going to get 37 mpg on the highway or you may want to upgrade to a different model that can give you over 40 mpg.

3. Ford C-MAX Hybrid

The Ford Hybrid is like the Impala Bi-Fuel, in that it uses two different ways to power the car. It has a hybrid engine that runs both off of electricity and gasoline. This allows you go on long road trips and not worry about finding a way to charge as the gasoline will just take over when you no longer have electric power to run on. If you were to drive in the all-electric mode, the Ford C-Max is able to drive at speeds up to 85mph. With the Ford C-Max, you can get up to 37mpg in the city and 41mgp on the highway. All of this starts at the very reasonable price point of $24,170.

There’s an App for this!

If you’re curious about what your carbon footprint is daily with your current car you own and drive every day. Or if you just want to try and do a bit more to reduce the pollution you cause on your daily commute there are two great apps to help you:

  • Park Whiz (free, iOS & Android) – This app will locate and help you get to paid and free parking in your area. It lets you find parking quickly, therefore, you won’t waste any gas or cause extra emissions as you drive in circles looking for a place.
  • Zero Carbon (free, iOS) – Calculate and offset your drives carbon footprint.

There are many other eco-friendly cars you can buy out there. And a great way to find them is by doing a search online. Don’t be scared to look outside of the state you’re in, as Auto Transport services are affordable and can have your new or used car dropped off to your doorstep from anywhere in America! Take a look around, and see what you can do to help the environment on your daily commute each day. Every little bit helps.
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About the Author

Gary Cooke is a content writer who frequently contributes content to a number of blogs on varying topics that hold interest to him. Growing up in New York and then traveling around the country before he settled down in Tennessee has given him a wide range of life experiences and adventures to pull from as he writes. He loves to share what he has learned and helps others find new and exciting ways to better their life. When not writing he is an avid reader and gamer.

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