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Cars and Crossovers that Earned "Safest" Title in 2016

Every year there are hundreds of new models of cars manufactured and each one of them must undergo safety tests to decide how well they would perform in the event of a crash. Every manufacturer hopes they have done enough to earn the top rating but not every one of them makes it there. The following vehicles are some of the safest cars on the road as confirmed via testing as undertaken by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:  The list below is just a small selection of the forty eight cars which have gained the prestigious Top Safety Pick+ status.  This was thanks mainly to the provision of front auto collision avoidance braking systems, designed to prevent accidents and rated as superior by the IIHS.

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The definition of safest cars in the title comes from the fact that these vehicles have passed the highest level of the safety tests. These tests are designed to see how well someone inside a car will survive when involved in a serious crash. Tests also cover the risk to pedestrians should they be accidentally run over. The basic grade of safety in accident avoidance is granted to vehicles which have some of forward collision warning system. To earn the higher grade of ‘Advanced’ the car must have an automatic braking function which enables the vehicle to slow down by at least 5mph in crashes conducted at 25mph. Alternatively the system can avoid the crash altogether.

Optional Extras

Unfortunately the accident avoidance systems are often included as part of an optional extra package and not something you can opt for by itself. This, and the fact that it is only available on certain trim levels of these vehicles means that you will need to confirm the system is present before purchasing a vehicle. The IIHS safety tests do not cover the most luxurious and expensive cars which are not an option to the general public. However, many of these vehicles have the same features and would easily pass the safety+ test.  In fact, much of the technology which arrives in the average vehicle originally comes from the racetrack.  Companies such as Porsche invest heavily in racing and then transfer these advancements to their road going production cars. This sparks other manufacturers into doing the same thing.

Porsche Macan

Porsche has already incorporated a front collision avoidance system in the Macan, this is a high performance SUV with a list of safety features which would rival any car with a safety+ rating. This five door SUV is both sporty and practical and arrives in a range of models including a turbo version with 400 horsepower. In fact, Porsche, like many other supercar manufacturers, is rapidly improving the safety of all the vehicles in their line-up.

Photo by inhabitat

Acura ILX

The recently released Acura ILX gets the “Top Safety Pick+” from IIHS thanks to its advanced auto breaking accident avoidance system. Also known as “The Gateway”, the ILX is one of Honda’s finest sedans. Priced at $27,000, drivers will benefit from a new torque converter equipped with a dual clutch automatic transmission. 

Subaru Impreza 

Subaru’s hatchback and sedan Impreza models are among this year’s safest cars to drive due to their pioneering frontal collision auto braking system. Featuring responsive handling, simple controls, good visibility, and spacious rear seating, the 2018 Impreza models are a must-have if you want to feel safe when driving. 


By definition, convenient compact vehicles are not meant to be fun to drive. And yet, the newly released Mazda 3 is the exception to the rule. The model delivers dynamic thrills, tactile feedback, overall refinement and pioneering in-car technology and safety. 

Photo by F.Golchert

No matter how many advanced features get added to a vehicle it is important to take the basic safety precautions every time you get into a car.  Always wear a seatbelt, make sure your children are in age, height and weight appropriate seats and they are securely fastened.  Avoid distractions like mobile phones and loud music.  Most of all, keep your attention on the road and drive defensively, this will combine with the latest developments in car technology to keep you and your loved ones safe, wherever you are driving.

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