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Smart tires - One more step towards Self-Driving technology

There are a lot of ambitious technological projects currently in development, but self-driving cars have their very own place somewhere at the top of the list. Creating a machine smart enough to be able to take over one of our core needs – transportation, all while following complex rules and being able to properly interact with human drivers proved to be quite a challenge. Challenges are always good, though, and self-driving cars are no exception: technology companies have been working together in an unprecedented way, in an effort to bring the dream of self-driving cars to reality.

Numerous companies from the technology field had a go at the concept of self-driving cars, each coming with unique visions and implementations, but a recent vision from a company in the automotive field can prove to be a complete game changer. Goodyear, one of the most famous tire manufacturers in the world, jumped on the self-driving car bandwagon, showcasing their view on how the tires of the future will look like, and it’s safe to say that nobody saw that coming.

The Eagle-360 Concept

Almost everyone can agree that tires were amongst the elements that received little to no upgrades during the whole “let’s make it smart”-rush that surrounded self-driving cars. Most of a car’s components received significant upgrades while tires, the core elements that provide the link between the car and the road, have been left unchanged. Goodyear aimed to change that with the Eagle 360 Concept smart tires.

For starters, the Eagle-360 Concept tire looks nothing like a regular tire, coming in a spherical shape. This shape will allow the car of the future to maneuver in every direction with ease, basically redefining the way we drive cars. However, it’s the technology embedded into the Eagle-360 that makes it truly unique and smart.  

Behind the Scenes

One of the biggest challenges of having a spherical tire is attaching it to the car in a way that will not limit its movement, and Goodyear came with the perfect solution for this – magnetic levitation. By using a precisely controlled magnetic field, the car will ride on top of the wheels without actually touching them or having any components in direct contact with them. This will not only give the wheels total freedom, but will also ensure a smooth ride. 

The Eagle-360 Concept tires will be embedded with a wide array of sensors that will be able to collect road data and adjust the trajectories of each tire independently to account for various road conditions. Collected data will be shareable as well, so when a tire comes in contact with a potentially dangerous road condition, that info will be transmitted to the other tires, as well as to other cars nearby. Integrated sensors will also be able to monitor the wear level and have the tire adjust its rotation to achieve uniform wear. 

Changing the Game

If history taught us anything, it’s that when machines are set to do something a person would normally do, they will do it in a different and more efficient way, and the Goodyear Eagle-360 smart tire is one of the missing pieces of the puzzle when it comes to driverless cars. The whole time we’ve been trying to create driverless cars that move around following the same pattern as we use. 

However, Goodyear decided to change the game by option for a spherical tire, which will allow cars to move in any direction with ease, something cars have not been able to do so far. This greatly simplifies tasks such as parking, as instead of doing several maneuvers to fit into a tight spot, a car will be able to just slide into place from one move.

Is the future of tires here? 

If Goodyears’s design will be adopted, car manufacturers will have to go back to the drawing board to adapt their cars to the new possibilities offered by a spherical tire. The Goodyear Eagle-360 Concept is not just a smart tire that will revolutionize tires, it’s a smart-tire that has the potential to revolutionize the whole car industry, and pave the way to the future of self-driving cars. 
With no visible downsides so far, the Goodyear Eagle-360 Concept tire seems to be the future. The only thing we need is to actually see it created, but we’re pretty sure it’s just a matter of time until the real thing rolls out.

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