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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping a Car

Believe it or not, the need for auto transport is demanding. All vehicles are transported by a professional shipping company at least once throughout their lifetime. Their very first transport is from the manufacturing plant to the dealership. Manufacturers and dealerships use shipping services so that their vehicles remain in perfect condition despite the need for relocation.

In some circumstances, it is important that the vehicles are delivered unharmed and that the mileage remains untouched. Otherwise, the vehicle’s value might be depreciated. Of course, these matters are not only the concern of businesses in the auto trade industry, but many individuals as well. It doesn’t matter whether they’re relocating or selling an old automobile, everyone can purchase professional transport.

Although auto transport is a highly used and respected service, it is crucial that you research the potential companies before hiring one for the job. An Internet search is a great place to start. Search for local companies that offer services that appeal to your reason for auto transport. When you find companies that appeal to you, look up their reviews and ratings to assure their reputation. There are things to pay mind to aside from hiring a highly regarded transporter to assure a safe shipping process. If you wish for the delivery of your vehicle to be successful in that it arrives timely and unharmed, you must avoid the five most common mistakes made by others.

  1. Don’t over pay or underpay for services. In other words, don’t be too hasty to hire a company because you assume the higher rate means better service or because the lowest rate is easier on your pocketbook. Most transport services are budget friendly. However, their rates aren’t the only reflection of the services they provide. If a transporter ever asks for the services to be paid in full prior to the transport or even for a large down payment, it is likely that you are being scammed. See the link here which gives a good breakdown of how much your shipment should cost based on different factors associated with your particular car and where it’s coming from/going to.
  2. Check the auto shipping company’s website. Too many individuals only seek out the contact information off of a website, if they even go to the site at all. Look over the websites for proof of their validity. All transporters should be approved by the Department of Transportation and carry the proper state licensing. 
  3. Don’t hire a transport company that doesn’t offer extra protection through their own insurance policy. It is a requirement for transporters to guarantee their services with insurance coverage on all of their clients’ automobiles. 
  4. Never be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions and voicing your concerns is only going to validate your decision. As you speak with customer service, they should be friendly and knowledgeable of their services. 
  5. A lot of people will disregard the transport company’s requests for preparing the vehicle before its shipping process. This is essential to the outcome of the delivery as well as the safety of those involved with the transport. Preparing the vehicle as recommended will protect it from harm’s way and minimize any risks involved with the process. 

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