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Wash Your Car Like a Pro: The 5 Benefits of Self-Service Carwash

Cars are just like humans that need proper caring and pampering to keep them going, To keep your car in good shape, it is recommended to have it washed regularly and you know what that means – budget and effort. During earlier times, a car owner just has two basic options: to take the car to a carwash specialist and pay or clean it by himself and take in all the work. But due to impressive technological improvements, you have another option to have best of both worlds in a self-service carwash or popularly known as “self-serve,” an affordable automated carwash system.

So how do self-serve carwashes work? Just like what you do in typical carwash joints, you have to park your car in one of the covered bays in the self-serve stations. Upon entering the bay, you can see coin-operated machines attached to sprayers. All you have to do is to insert coins or tokens into the controller and choose your desired procedure: pre-soak, soaping, foaming, rinsing, waxing, and tire cleaning. The suds, foam, and high-pressure water will automatically come out of the sprayer. Once you have chosen your procedure, grab the spray wand to maximize your paid time and start cleaning like a pro.

Self-serve carwashes offer less effort and cost but promise great quality. To break this down, here are five of the benefits of self-serve carwashes.


When you wash your car at home, you tend to spend a lot of time fetching a bucket of soapy water and preparing the tools you need before you get started. In self-serve carwash, you can save time and effort in washing your car because all the materials that you might need are already prepared for you. With just a few clicks, the water, as well as the soap, will automatically come out of the sprayer. A little amount of effort in scrubbing is all you need since you are accompanied by a machine. Self-serves, just like most gas stations, are open for 24 hours.


Compared to professional carwashes and automatic or “touchless” carwash systems, self serves are definitely cheaper. Some car owners spend about 15 dollars in carwash places. But in self-serves, since you are in control of your time and the amount of washing products that you use, you can spend less than 5 dollars in one visit. The price is not fixed, so the more time you spend in rinsing, the higher price you get to pay. However, if you are wise in using your resources, you can have your car cleaned without feeding the machine too much coins. The key is to turn the machine off when not in use, especially in soaping. You don't necessarily need that much soap in cleaning so it is of big help for you to turn the machine off after 30 seconds and wipe your car with the soap that is already in your car.


When you wash your car at home, you might feel unsatisfied after seeing soap residues or wet dirt still glued on your car. The problem here might be the wrong kind of soap that you used or the insufficient water pressure on your hose. In self serves, you don't have to worry about these things because they are equipped with all the proper tools and specially-formulated products that allow you to clean your vehicle as effective as possible. From the basic carwashing procedures like pre-soaking, soaping, rinsing, and waxing, to more advanced options offered by professional carwash stations like vacuum cleaning and upholstery, self-serves have all these but in lesser costs.


Not all car concerns are the same. Some need mild cleaning while some need rough, high-pressure washing. Self-serve gives you the liberty in choosing the way you want clean your car. Since you have the power to control the "dial," you can regulate the amount of soap or foam and the specific procedure that you need. They also are equipped with vending machines with car fragrances, special kinds of polishes, and various cleaning products.


There's nothing more satisfying than accomplishing something, isn't it? Self serves give you that sense of fulfillment after letting you clean your valuable possession with your own hands. Secondly, these automated car wash systems also give you that priceless hands-on learning experience. They have brief instruction signs to help you with proper cleaning. Lastly, you don't have to pay such tips or service charges. You can just reward yourself a tasty cheeseburger from the drive thru after a few minutes of enduring a couple of splashes.

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