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Keep Calm and Drive: Five Ways To Beat Terrible Traffic Congestions

Expectation: You work from 8 AM to 5 PM. Reality: You work from 6 AM to 7 PM; 9 hours of actually working and 4 hours of struggling in traffic. Commuting to work is unpaid labor. It becomes more of a struggle when daily traffic jams occur. All of us agree that traffic congestion kills time, energy, and even good vibes.

There are times when you just wish for super powers to help you beat the city's bad traffic conditions, like a capacity to teleport, to predict the future, and to transform your car into a flying machine. Having these superpowers is impossible unless you're a mutant or a descendant of the Avengers. Traffic congestion is inevitable, yet you can minimize its negative effect on you physically and mentally using the human skills and machines you've got there.

Here are some five ways to avoid getting stuck in terrible traffic congestions of the city.

Adjust the time of your departure

Traffic congestion is unpredictable, so if you're going to leave for work, expect the worst scenario that can happen. We're sure you are tired of seeing a wide array of red lights and hearing the unpleasant chorus of car horns every day. Avoid encountering these familiar scenes by leaving the house earlier where fewer cars share the same road. 

Never leave the house during the peak of the rush hour. It may be way too early for your shift but just think about the time, effort, and vigor you saved. Besides, it is always better to start the day feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

Get access to traffic updates and information

Even if you leave the house early, sudden accidents, road constructions, and rallies or strikes are out of your control. With this, television, radio, and digital media are your companions. Before leaving the house or the office, make sure you are informed of the traffic reports so you may search for potential alternate routes if these unexpected circumstances take place.

Install mobile applications

Today's generation have been privileged of booming digital media. Since most of the cars today have GPS, you don't have to take the risk by passing onto a road and pray for a clearer, traffic jam-free path. A lot of mobile applications that focus on traffic and navigation help drivers to reach their destinations efficiently. 

Topping the charts is Waze, a “social GPS” and a traffic and navigation application specifically designed for smartphone users. Waze understands your struggles to go from one place to another when traffic congestions are apparent. With this, the app suggests potential routes for you to pass by to avoid getting stuck in traffic. You will also get alerted before you encounter police, traffic jams, road hazards, and accidents, all shared real-time by other drivers. 

Choose public transportation

Traveling on public transportation like mass transits and buses saves more time and money than driving a private vehicle. Aside from being fast and cost-efficient, you also have the freedom to move and travel by foot when traffic congestions take place, unlike in driving where you'll get stuck forever and accept your fate of being 30 minutes late. You just have to endure a little inconvenience by lining up or having an “intimate” interaction with other passengers during rush hour. 

Change your working schedule

The last option. Instead of working from 8 AM to 5 PM, you may ask your boss for readjustments of your working hours.This strategy saves you from being worn out before you even get started and allows you to give your best performance at work.

You may also consider transferring to the area near your work location. With this, you can simply travel on foot or ride on bicycles, which spares you from heavy traffic, fuel expenses, and fares, and benefits your physical health. 

Winning against traffic

As we have mentioned, traffic is inevitable. No matter how you try to avoid it, there will come a time when you have no choice but to accept your fate of getting stuck. The best thing you can do is not to allow the bad vibes brought by the heavy traffic ruin your day. 

Tip 1: Maximize your time

The energy you spend frowning and the amount of blood risen won't contribute to improving the traffic. While the handbrake is currently lifted, try to organize your stuff and dispose the garbage inside your car. If the traffic is so bad that cars are barely moving, you may do some of your tasks inside your car, like checking and replying to e-mails or writing a rough draft of your proposal. 

Tip 2: Do good deeds

When someone wants to take a lane ahead of you, let him have it. Never give in to social pressure like those drivers honking hard for you to move faster. Chill. Keep your speed constant, avoiding unnecessary braking or acceleration, and maintain a proper following distance. As much as possible, stay in the right lane and avoid swerving. Try to be the “instrument of good vibes” in a road full of people desperately desiring to move forward.

Tip 3: Stay cool

It might be difficult but try to look at the condition from a positive angle. Getting stuck might also be the right opportunity to sing your heart out with your favorite band on the radio, eat your missed breakfast, or call your mom and tell her about the "awesome" day you're currently having. You'll lose the battle against traffic once you start becoming hot-headed. So whatever happens, try to keep calm and carry on. 

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