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Throwback or Throwaway: The perks and fallouts of owning classic cars

What comes to your mind when you visualize your "dream car"? Some prefer it modern and sleek, like those sports cars that can take them further with their state-of-the-art design and speed. Some prefer classic and choose to restore a forgotten treasure from the past and bring it back to life.

A classic car is more than just a vehicle but rather a possession filled with character that is worth keeping. However, owning a vintage car is not as easy as owning modern cars. It takes a lot of patience, time, and money in keeping the car going. But if you have the drive and commitment, they can be transformed from a "throwaway" to a "throwback" that could amuse the future generation.

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Throwback: The perks of classic cars

Style and character

As a 90s baby who still prefer the "old school" way of life, driving a vintage car while listening to upbeat classic hits of the 60s on a long road trip might be one of the best feelings ever. There's no doubt that cars from the past are fun and exciting to drive in the 21st century. Their rare and irresistible style and character often makes them head turners especially when you get caught in traffic with modern cars.

Taking the physical aspects aside, classic cars also give you that rich and authentic driving experience. You'll hear outdoor noises, smell the smoke, and feel the vibrations of driving, which might be a good thing.

Great investment

The 1950s soda bottle is definitely more expensive than the 2016 soda bottle of the same prominent beverage brand. An item's value increases when it seems rare and possess a history, and a vintage car is one of them. If you plan to invest in a property, having a classic car is a great idea. Unlike other cars, they are likely to appreciate. All the maintenance efforts you put into the car, likewise, helps increase its value. You just have to purchase wisely and do an extensive research about prices and values in order to gain profit.

It is also best to research on the brands and types of classic cars that would give you a successful investment, like Mercedes Benz 190E, Aston Martin DB6 Coupe, Datsun 240Z , Porsche 911 Turbo 930 Gen, and Lincoln Continental Convertible.

Competitive Car Insurance and Exemptions

Classic cars are sources of pride and joy which needs to be valued and protected. The good news is there's a special kind of insurance for classic cars that are usually cheaper. You just have to apply for a classic car insurance. Many insurers believe that such vehicles have a good chance of being well-maintained. You just have to provide documents that prove your car's age and condition as well as some requirements regarding your age and capability to own and drive a vintage car.

Another advantage is the car may be exempted from new regulations. This will not hold into any of the state requirements, which might be quite expensive. In most countries, a car is considered “classic” or “vintage” if it is over 15 years.

Throwaway: The fallouts of classic cars

More maintenance, repair, and attention

Classic cars can be compared to sensitive romantic partners who might be the most genuine creatures on earth but require more TLC and attention. These cars are likely to experience more problems than their modern counterparts. Most of them are also gas-guzzlers. Although the maintenance and repair costs are quite cheaper than those of modern cars, these beauties break the bank when they require frequent works.

Their dwelling places should also be part of your consideration. These cars should be stored in a dry, secure, and accessible garage rather than placed on streets since these cars have really serious rust problems.

Rare and expensive car parts

One of the biggest problems in owning a beautiful, unique, and rare automobile is knowing that its car parts are limited edition too. If your car is way too outdated, like those cars whose original owners survived the second world war, you might have a hard time finding car parts. Of if you do find them, they are expectedly way more expensive.

If you're committed to owning a classic car. you should also consider the costs of the car parts and maintenance requirements. You should also know where you can purchase such car parts and accessories when your car suddenly requires repair.

No Modern Conveniences

Classic cars are designed for conditions that do not exist and you might have a hard time dealing with these. Most classic cars may not meet your demand for speed since they're not as high-powered as the modern ones. Most of them have no power steering, air-conditioning equipment, electric windows, and even music players. You'll hear nothing but noises of engines and news programs on its distorted AM radio.

They are also not as safe as cars today. As mentioned, they do not use new resources and may not meet modern conveniences. No air bags and anti-lock brakes to save you during accidents. With this, drivers must be careful, skilled, and aware of the responsibilities of handling classic cars.

In conclusion, classic cars best work for people who has a genuine appreciation to what they own. The cars will take you back to the past and show you how simple life used to be. It's up to you whether you'll embrace it or not.

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