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Nine Kinds Of Negligent Drivers You Don't Want To Be

Uncle Ben Parker from the film Spiderman once said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” One of the activities where you can apply this principle is driving. Unfortunately, there are a lot of license holders who embrace the power of traveling by wheel yet fail to acknowledge their liabilities and consequences of their thoughtless behaviors and actions.

Driving negligence is the main reason for car-related accidents which result in damage to property and injuries and casualties. A driver can be negligent by doing even the simplest acts of carelessness on the road like speeding or failing to stop at a red light.

Have you encountered them? Or maybe you find yourself to be one of them? Here are nine of the kinds of negligent drivers you should not be.

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1. The Unpredictable (the one who doesn't use proper signals)

Have you ever encountered a driver who rapidly changed lane and went in front of you without using the proper turn signal? These kinds of reckless drivers are not just annoying but dangerous as well. It is necessary to use your signals when changing lanes, turning, and stopping to lessen the distraction and confusion of other commuters sharing the road with you.

Having defective signals is also not an excuse. You may use hand signals to let other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians know your next move.

2, The Treblemaker (the one who doesn't honk wisely)

Most drivers are guilty of using horns for unnecessary reasons like honking the horn as a way of expressing frustration about the ongoing traffic congestion or the turtle-like vehicle in front of them. Technically, car horns are used to warn other drivers and pedestrians of your presence and to call attention to sudden hazards. If it's necessary to call one's attention, like an old folk walking way beyond the sidewalk or a cyclist not aware of your presence, be courteous and honk lightly.

3. The VIP (one who doesn't follow speed limits)

There are two types of VIPs; the one who acts as racers on the road and the one who moves in slow motion. Neither of these two is amusing to watch on the road. Unless you're driving a train or an emergency vehicle, don't act as if you own the road.

Overspeeding is one of the leading causes of car accidents which lead to casualties. Driving too slow, on the other hand, is also not good unless there's a merging traffic. Slow driving can force the car behind you to overtake, causing confusion which may also lead to accidents.

4. The Space Invader (the one who always blocks space)

Making a three-point turn in the middle of a traffic jam or a crowded parking gives a lot of pressure to you as a driver. But what would make the situation more difficult is the other driver who can't wait to move forward and blocks your space. Every driver hates space invaders. As a sign of respect to other drivers, allow them to maneuver properly by maintaining a fair distance from them or having a few steps backward.

5. The Multitasker (the one who texts and drives)

Ching! A text message from your friend suddenly pops up. You read a few sentences, laughed at a few jokes and BANG - you hit the bumper of the car in front of you. Texting the phone while driving worse than drunk driving. Aside from stealing your concentration and focus, it also steals your hands from the steering wheel, limiting your ability as a driver. Unless you have a hands-free equipment where you can effortlessly listen to the directions of Waze, phones should never be used while driving.

Aside from texting, eating and drinking, putting make-up on, and any forms of distraction should also not be tolerated.

6. The Yellow Light Ninja (the one who beats the traffic lights)

Even in the mind of a typical preschooler, it is clear that the yellow light stands for "slow down" and the red stands for "stop." What isn't clear is the fact that there are adults who seek thrill and increase speed more when the yellow lights turn on, especially when traffic enforcers are not around. Intersections are accident-prone areas and breaking this simple rule of thumb may put you and fellow drivers in danger.

The higher the speed limit, the longer the yellow light; for every 10 mph, the yellow light lasts one second longer. Consider the speed at which you are traveling as well as your car's distance from the intersection. As soon as you recognize the need to brake, slow down not only to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead of you but also from the car tailgating you.

7. The Flash (the one who uses high beam lights in traffic)

Ideally, high beams are intended to make you see well enough ahead. They let you see twice as far as low beams at about 300-400 feet ahead. You should use high beams outside cities and in rural are where there are no oncoming vehicles. Failing to dim your headlights during traffic may blind other drivers and put them at risk.

8. The Tailgater (the one who disregards safe following distance)

Going closer than the recommended following distance, especially in bumper-to-bumper kind of congestion may lead to a bumper-to-bumper collision, literally. Remember the two-second rule, a general principle stating that you as a driver should stay at least 2 seconds from any vehicle directly in front of you. With this, you are able to maintain a safe following distance at any speed.

9. The Pedestrian's Nightmare (the one who doesn't prioritize crossing pedestrians)

Every driver knows what it feels like to cross the street. The risk is high and the pedestrian's safety depends on the people manipulating the vehicles. As a responsible and courteous driver, be kind enough to give them a fair break without honking your horn. Recognize the roads where people are likely to be around like access roads and church and school zones.

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