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Top 5 electric cars struggling to get into the market

In the recent years we’ve seen people and manufacturers become more interested in eco-friendly vehicles. Some developers believe that electric cars will soon enough monopolize the market, whereas some buyers are starting to “go green” in the attempt to help save the planet and protect the environment. Regardless of the reason, there’s no doubt that the technology in this field is advancing. Electric vehicle no longer need hours to charge at full capacity; some only take 20 minutes to reach 80%. Increasingly more car manufacturers are taking advantage of the new trend; they’ve developed concepts 10 years ago were just impossible to craft. Here are 5 amazing electric cars that will most like to win your heart this 2016.

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1. Tesla Model X

Tesla’s Model X is this year’s wonder car. The fully electric vehicle recently released last year plans on becoming a must-have for 2016; thus breaking into the auto market as the most wished-for electric cars of all times. Model X is groundbreaking from the inside out. There’s a camera on the inside that scans everything in its proximity, as well as a sonar and radar system that offer the driver live information and feedback on potential collisions. At an increased speed, the model can designed to apply the breaking system automatically in case a road threat is detected. As far as the outside is concerned, Model X looks like an undercover SUV – sleek, compact and truly groundbreaking.

2. Volvo XC90 T8

Another upcoming hero that will wow us soon enough is Volvo’s XC90 T8 model. It looks neat, luxurious and statuesque. We love the upgraded exterior and truly innovative in-car features. The T8 is a compact SUV with seating for 7. It can get to 60 mph in roughly 5.8 seconds and it recently won the acclaimed “Car of the Year” prize at the 2015 edition of Stuff Gadget Awards. The starting price will be $68,000. Even though some people might push for a Tesla, the XC90 T8 comes with extra-features Model X doesn’t have.

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3. BMW i5

BMW doesn’t have many electric cars released thus far; in fact, the manufacturer just recently turned its attention to this targeted niche. And yet, some rumors claim that BMW is planning on making a hybrid for every new model released on the market. There’s a plug-in hybrid already available for its 3-series, and right now they’re developing the i5. We don’t know much about the model, especially now that Tesla’s Model X was released. Is BMW afraid that it won’t be able to live up to the competition? One thing’s for sure – the i5 exists and some photos of a prototype have already been leaked. Now it’s just a matter of time before it arrives into the market and starts overshadowing its main competitors.

4. Kia Soul EV

Are you a daily city commuter? Are you hunting for an electric car that’s practical, easy to drive and quiet? Well the, you’ll love Kia’s Soul EV model. The compact crossover packs a funky, playful design and a rather convenient average price that starts at $26,000. In terms of performance, the 27-kWh battery is enough for 132 miles. Among some other in-car features of the model, we should also mention heated front seats, sat nav, heated steering wheel and keyless entry.

5. Renault Zoe 

The newest Zoe hatchback from Renault may not be the fastest electric car out there, but it’s definitely one of the most interesting. Fairly equipped with beautiful insides and a funky design the model has a starting price of $15,000. That’s pretty good for an eco-friendly town vehicle. The engine packs an 87 bhp, and buyers will also be offered a totally free 7hWh wall box charger which will charge your Zoe to 100% in 4 hours. 

There’s no doubt about it – the auto industry is changing, and whether we like it or not electric cars are here to stay. Some of the models are more like vehicles taken from a sci-fi movie, whereas others just seem affordable enough to be worth a buy. Regardless of your budget, it is important to perform a thorough research before picking a model. Don’t just look at the price as you know what they say about judging a book after its cover – you don’t always get what you see!
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