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Seven Best Smartphone Apps Every Driver Must Have

A few weeks ago, Waze was introduced to my 53-year old father. He was impressed with the mobile app's features and tried traveling to his destination using the app just to try it out. The voice command suggested a different route. He refused to follow since he has been traveling on the same streets for decades now and knew where he was going. “Who are you to dictate me where I should be going?” my father said. To cut the long story short, we got stuck in a traffic congestion because of this simple disobedience.

It's just amusing how technology changes people's way of life and makes trekking the same roads a lot easier. These mobile applications have become more accessible to everyone, regardless of what your age is or what kind of car you drive. All commuters share the same goal: to arrive at the destination easier and safer.

To make your road trips better, we recommend seven must-have apps you can have in your smart phones.

1. Waze

With over 50 million users, there's no doubt that Waze is a highly-trusted app that makes driving easier for commuters. If you live in a city where heavy traffic congestions have no mercy for commuters, Waze is must-have. The community-based navigation app suggests an alternate route that takes you to your destination faster and easier. The smart features of Waze include maps, traffic conditions, road hazards and live-routing voice-assisted navigation.

Nothing beats real people, sharing real-time updates to other drivers to reach the common goal of beating traffic. What makes Waze different from other navigation apps is it allows you to interact with other drivers out on the road, even with friends who might be travelling to your destination. 

2. iOnRoad

Aside from navigation and traffic updates, technology can also be used to promote driving safety. One of the best driving safety apps is iOnRoad. The augmented reality mobile app helps you become a safer and more responsible driver by giving you tailgating alerts and collision warnings to protect cars from being involved in accidents. 

By using your GPS and your phone camera, the app tracks the car in front of you and detects how long it will take you to collide with the vehicle at your current speed. The screen displays the road ahead with a color coding chart that gives you an indication if you're getting too close. Audio warnings can also be heard to help you focus more on the road instead of the screen. Other features of this app includes recording your speed and acceleration as well as the amount of gas consumed.

3. Car Locator

Tired of searching where you left your car? Let Car Locator help you with that. The mobile app saves the location where you parked your vehicle and helps you find your way back to it. 

The app has two parts: the map and details. The map shows map and radar visualizations of where you are and where your car is. The details show you how long your car has been parked, your distance from the car, and its direction. The extra features of Car Locator include the ability to save location history, save notes and photos of where your car is located, and set an alarm.

4. Carcorder

If you love traveling and road trips, a dashcam is a must-have. Apart from documenting your journeys on the road, dashcams also help in recording footages of accidents that you may encounter. As technology continues to innovate, getting your own dashcam doesn't have to be expensive. 

Carcorder requires only two things: your iPhone and a dashboard mount. The professional app transforms your phone into a dashcam instantly and records your trip. It has a friendly-user interface with cool features that include augmented reality, video recording, routing, navigation mode, and over speed warning.

5. GasBuddy

The costs of pumping up your car often leave you with a ripped off pocket in the long run. It's a good thing that a mobile app that can help you become a frugal gas shopper exists. GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas options near you no matter where you are.

The mobile app recommends places with cheap gas prices based on your current location or zip code. The user-friendly interface gives you the option to use either a list view or a map view in examining the closest fuel stations, services, and prices. 

6. DashDroid

We all know that multitasking while driving is wrong on so many levels but whether you admit it or not, you still do. DashDroid makes using your phone while driving a lot easier and safer. It helps you keep up with your important commitments without stealing your hands from the steering wheel and 100% attention from the road. 

DashDroid detects when you are driving and automatically puts your phone in "driving" mode. It has a clean interface which makes important apps like maps, messenger, music player, current time, weather, as well as your current speed easy to access. DashDroid also blocks calls or text updates to keep you focused. If necessary, there's an option where you can use voice commands when you want to make a call or text. 

7. RepairPal

Broken engines and sudden collisions will always be part of every driver's journey no matter how hard they try to avoid them. What makes it worse is not everyone has their trusted mechanic who would give cheap repair costs when these mishaps occur. RepairPal, a US-based mobile app, serves as your repair and maintenance buddy. The app keeps you informed about your car repair history and gives you accurate, average costs for specific repairs.

The app also suggests best repair shops around your vicinity as well as other places and online stores where you can get the best deals for your vehicle parts.

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