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Five reasons you should switch to a hybrid car

Considering today’s increasing costs in fuel and concerns for the surrounding environment, the time to purchase a hybrid car is now! These vehicles feature a combination of electricity and gas that limit carbon footprint and reduce fuel consumption. Electricity helps cars use less gas when driving. The latest models available in the marketplace are revolutionary, and some of them are just as good (or even better) as gas-powered cars. Many people don’t understand the perks of owning a hybrid, and some wrongfully believe that they’re not fast enough.

Truth be told, some of them are faster than gas cars. Things have changed a lot over the years, especially since the technology is not pretty advanced. Here are 5 top reasons you should switch to a hybrid right now.

1. Fuel-efficient 

General prices for gasoline are on the rise, which means the only way to decrease fuel costs is to choose a hybrid. Generally speaking, modern hybrids can last for up to 600 miles, and most of today’s models are manufactured from materials that are lightweight; also they’re packed with special tires meant to reduce friction while on the road. Most hybrids feature smaller-sized engines and more compact sizes. The gas engine is turned off when the vehicle is on “idle”, and then it is turned back on when the driver pressed the gas pedal. Furthermore, electric engines have the ability to regenerate electricity through the use of the gas engine. This helps boost vehicle fuel efficiency. The blend between an electric and a gas engine is made possible via the power-train technology. This enables hybrids to use two power sources at the same time. 

2. Eco-friendliness 

Hybrid cars are famous for their eco-friendliness, and that’s one of the main reasons you should go buy a hybrid. There’s a simple explanation for this statement: hybrids reduce the amount of gas needed to power a vehicle because of its combined use of gas and electricity. This helps reduce emissions released by the car, and it also helps make the environment greener. Reports made over the years on this new technology has emphasized that hybrids produce with 50% less emissions of carbon dioxide compared with conventional gas-powered cars. 

3. Tax benefits 

The government has finally understood the needs for diminishing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, especially from petrol and gas used when driving cars. Therefore, all kinds of tax benefits have been implemented to those willing to invest in a hybrid. Tax incentives are encouraging buyers to go with a hybrid, and are a great way of convincing consumers that eco-friendly vehicles are a much better choice than gas-powered cars. Among some of the most well-known tax benefits, we should mention: tax credits and even free parking. 

4. Reliability & low maintenance 

As opposite to conventional cars, hybrids demand less maintenance. Hybrid power systems are not that damaging to a car’s engine, and the main components undergo less tear and wear; this happens due to the minimal heat produced by an eco-friendly vehicle. As a matter of fact, hybrid engines that can get to 200,000 miles are famous for their ability to run smoothly. This indication alone makes hybrids a lot safer and more reliable. 

5. Affordability 

Contrary to popular belief, hybrid vehicles are not necessarily more expensive than gas-powered cars. Even though they might be with about $2,000 more expensive, this additional investment will pay off in the long term. Hybrid cars burn less gas, meaning that you won’t have to pay a lot of monthly visits to the gas station. A Toyota Prius for example, is able to travel 60 miles with a single gallon of gas. On an annual basis, the savings you’ll make are substantial. Another added benefit of a hybrid is that it comes with great warranties. No maintenance costs are involved, thus expanding its lifespan and preserving your car in excellent conditions for an extended period of time. 

Bottom line is there are many advantages to buying a hybrid car, and it’s usually about what priorities you have. Nonetheless, the technology has advanced tremendously, and right now even top manufacturers like Tesla, Porsche and BMW are switching their focus to electrically-powered engines; and believe it or not, they’re pretty fast too. 

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