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The Hyperloop - Is it Hype or Real?

We have been hearing about the supersonic train technology called "Hyperloop" a few years now.  Is it actually happening any time soon or a thing of a distant future?

Since the first inception the Hyperloop has been renamed to "Hyperloop One". Hyperloop One has raised $160 million to date.

One interesting fact about this technology or project is that Elon Musk is not involved with Hyperloop One even though he has introduced the idea back in 2013 and has been talking about it in the media.

The company has in fact demonstrated its propulsion system on a half mile track in 2016.  It showed to to public and investors that the technology is not a hype and they are making a good progress toward completing the revolutionary public transit system.

It looks like Dubai may end up being the first city to have a Hyperloop one transportation system built around the city.

Hyperloop One recently announced that it is working on building a transport system that can cut the travel time between Dubai and UAE capital, Abu Dhabi to twelve minutes from approximately 90 minutes.

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