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Why Are Used Audi Awesome?

Whether you have a large budget, or a smaller one and whether you want a sports coupe or a practical family car, you are guaranteed to find a used Audi to suit your needs. While the company has carved out a niche as a prestige brand, you can find used Audi’s at all prices.

Audi competes directly with BMW and Mercedes, but despite the premium brand image, it also offers a huge range of used cars, from small hatchbacks, to 4 x 4s, sedans and sports cars. Whether you opt for a practical A1 hatchback or the sporty SQ7 there is a used Audi for every taste.

No matter what model of used Audi tempts you, one of the guarantees is you will be buying superior luxury for the interior, combined with innovative technology inside the car, and a powerful engine under a sleek, well-designed hood.

Audi cars do tend to hold their value well which is good news for a new car owner, but means when buying a second-hand model you can rest assured that the value will not suddenly drop and your car is likely to hold its value for some years to come. Premium cars come with premium prices, but you can still get a bargain if you opt for a used Audi.

Whichever Audi you choose from, you will find superior luxury materials used throughout the interior. You will also experience a premium look, feel and finish on the exterior of the vehicle. All the models come with the quality feel you would expect from a premium car brand.

The Audi A1 and A3 have a similar feel to some popular Volkswagen models but with a real luxury feel which you wouldn’t get from a Polo or a Golf, so for smaller hatchbacks with a premium feel, these are the models to go for.

However, if you want the technology, gadgets and innovation that Audi is renowned for, then a used A4 – saloon or Avant estate – are the models to go for. The larger models offering a real executive luxury feel are the A6 and A8 every time.

But true to form, Audi really does have a used car for everyone, with its broad range of 4 x 4 vehicles as well as the sporty Audi TT and Audi R8 for those who want a more dramatic feel and image for their car.

Right now you might well be thinking that even a used Audi is going to set you back tens of thousands of pounds, however, it is entirely possible to pick up a great used Audi for anything from between £2,000 and £30,000 so it needn’t be outside of your budget.

An Audi badge is as much sought after these days as a Mercedes or BMW so second hand models are increasingly popular in the used car market and as they hold their value, there are many out there to choose from.

If you look for a model with a good history, average mileage and good service record there is no reason you won’t be able to find a used Audi that fits in with your budget, no matter how small.
For example, if you have a higher budget available, say around £25,000, you could pick up a used Audi RS4 which was widely hailed as the best in class when it came out in 2005 – 2008. This performance saloon car has a V8 engine and can reach 60mph in less than five seconds. The 2005 model is holding its value and may even appreciate over time as a potential classic car.

Other models in this kind of price range include the Audi TT which came out in 2014, so you’d be looking at a car which is only a few years old. You should look for one which is low mileage and you could end up with a really great car for a lot less money than a brand new one.

Another great model for a smaller budget is the Audi A4 which makes a lot of sense as a used car option. There are several choices of engine and interior finishes in this range, and it comes with a lot of boot and passenger room, making it a great family car.

As you can see, from the variety of models and ranges available there really is a used Audi to suit everyone’s situation, from a family hatchback to a sporty two-seater. The range of rugged 4 x 4 vehicles also adds to the used car choices, not to mention the larger executive Audi saloons.

No matter what your budget, your used Audi will include the sleek, innovative designs which the brand is famous for, as well as the luxurious interior and finish which you’d expect from buying from a premium car brand.

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