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Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay, Which is Better?

Google and Apple has set target on a same goal to be the dominant OS in automobile of the future with Android Auto and CarPlay.

So which OS is better for your next new car?  The battle between the two tech giant in this new battleground can get pretty complicated.  For one thing, you may not have a total freedom in your decision if automakers start making an exclusive deal with one over the other.

To make the matter worse, both systems seem to be heavily dependent on the latest incarnation of the company's smartphone's OS.  Which simply means that your decision will be dictated by the smartphone you  use.

Amazingly, 2015 Hyudai Sonata will be available with both systems installed.  I hope Hyundai sets the trends for other automakers to follow since I don't want my new car buying decision to be swayed by in car OS system.

Reviewers are finding that Apple's CarPlay places emphasis on simplicity in its user interface, whereas Android Auto stands out with its beautifully designed display taking cue from Google Lolipop.

Both systems effectively extends the functionality of the company's smartphone OS into a big touch screen with voice control.  For consumers who are already leaning on one side for their smartphone OS choice, the decision will be pretty clear.

As distracted driving becomes bigger issue, Google and Apple will have to come up with a design and interface that enables the driver to operate the system without taking the focus away from driving.

For now, both products are packed with a list features that are almost identical so it really comes down to personal preference.

Watch the latest comparison video created by 9to5Mac's. The overall design and navigation of Android Auto definitely beats CarPlay which looks already outdated by comparison, but that's my opinion.

Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay, Which is Better? Reviewed by Brandon on 10:55 PM Rating: 5

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