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2017 Mercedes E-Class to be Equipped with Future Tech

Mercedes usually introduces the coolest new technology with its flagship model, S-Class.  Well, that's about to changed with upcoming 2017 E-Class which will be showcased during next CES.

One of the technology that will be available on the new E-Class is Automated Parking. The technology will enable the E-Class to park the car entirely in automated passion with the driver standing outside the car, activated by the Report Parking app on a smartphone.

This offers two major benefits. Firstly, it allows you to fit the car inside a much tighter space, as is usually the case with underground spaces or old garages. Secondly, driver with restricted mobility and or disabilities can get out of the car without much hassle.

The car can maneuver into a perpendicular space, parallel park, or pull forward into a tight garage. The driver initiates the maneuver by tracing a circle on the smartphone and must continue that action for the car to keep moving.

Automatic braking has made headlines for the last few years when the technology was demonstrated in various prototype cars and a small number of production cars.  The new E-class can initiate braking earlier (when the system detects that an evasive maneuver is not possible), and it works under more scenarios, including cross traffic entering the lane (also when backing up) or a pedestrian stepping out into your path. In the latter scenario, the driver is further aided by Evasive Steering Assist, which adds torque to the steering to help the driver swerve correctly to avoid the person. It does not, however, initiate the steering action.

The next E-Class will feature a dazzling list of other future tech:

  • Multibeam LED headlights, with 4 individually activated high-performance LEDs. The compute-controlled system will ensure maximum visibility without blinding other road users.
  • semi-automated driving on highways and freeways, or even city traffic. The car will use the brakes in hazardous situation and even help with evasive maneuvers.
  • Smartphone car key - You can then hold a paired smartphone up to the driver’s door handle to unlock the car; the connection works via Near Field Communication protocol 
  • Car-to-X communication - Using the vehicle’s built-in data connection, the driver can push a button on the screen to indicate a road hazard such as an accident, a disabled vehicle, or icy pavement. The alert goes to a dedicated computer network that can analyze it and then send out alerts to other, similarly equipped Mercedes vehicles in the area
  • Active Contour Seats - It will quickly puff up the outboard bolster of your seat in the event of side impact.

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